Molly White
Software engineer, editor and arbitrator on Wikipedia, feminist, Twitter bot commander, unabashed cat lady.

Come crush code for a chance to strike it rich at my once-in-a-lifetime, angel funded startup!

Our company is looking for an expert in full-stack programming to join our once-in-a-lifetime venture that will disrupt the entire business community. Our founding team includes core members of SquareLine,, and even the Y Combinator funded zenbubble, and has big name angel investors like Peter Thiel.

Our ideal candidate will be a programming rockstar who can crush code and get shit done. He will need to architect our app from the ground up. He'll make the backend his bitch, and bonus points if he can build a sexy frontend to match. He'll be willing to work long hours to get this venture off the ground, because he wants to join the ranks of superstars like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. And we won't get in your way! No meetings, no process, no HR hoops to jump through, just hacking with your bros all day every day.

We prioritize culture, so our dream candidate will go hard during the workday and bro out with the team in his spare time: we provide the beer, the ping pong, and the pizza.

We can't afford to take on dead weight because we are an early stage startup and we need to be lean. Employment will be on a trial basis, but our meritocratic culture ensures that you can rise quickly to the top! Although we cannot yet promise a salary, your share of the company will be more valuable than any paycheck.

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