The blockchain collection

by Molly White on

Until mid-2021 or so, my feelings towards blockchains and cryptocurrency were ones of apathy and mild annoyance. I have been apathetic towards and mildly annoyed by many things—Bluetooth headphones, most “smart home” devices—and have found my general well-being is best served by just ignoring them and moving on with my life. Pick my battles, right? But I do try to balance my curmudgeonliness with a willingness to revisit my opinions, and some periodic reevaluations of my stances have resulted in change—in fact, I now have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that I use daily and quite like (despite my continued annoyance that I can’t use them while they’re charging, and their propensity to try to connect to any device besides the one I am using).

It was such a reevaluation that led me to shift my stance on blockchains and cryptocurrency. I had been hearing more and more about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and some “web3” thing in conversations with friends, various technology spaces, the news… well, kind of everywhere. I knew my information and therefore my opinions were outdated and incomplete, so I did some research. As with Bluetooth headphones, my opinion changed. But instead of going from apathy to acceptance, I have instead come to believe that these technologies are so harmful that I cannot ethically continue to ignore them, and must instead do my best to educate and advocate against their wider adoption. I am picking my battles, and this is one of them.


I have written these with the assumption that people have a base understanding of concepts including the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs — the Web3 is Going Just Great glossary may be a useful resource if a term is unfamiliar.

Disclosures for my work and writing pertaining to cryptocurrencies and web3 can be found here.