When I speak about the inefficiency of popular blockchains, or mention that we seem to be hurtling towards a "web3" so centralized it challenges big tech's firm grasp on today's web, or point out that somehow no one has managed to find a positive use for blockchains that wouldn't be better served by one of the many more performant databases we have available to us these days, I often hear "it's the early days".

If you go out seeking to learn why blockchains and the systems built atop them are apparently the future of our web, you’ll begin to see some common themes. These fall apart under further scrutiny.

In the beginning of February, I made a commitment to myself to read at least two articles a week pertaining to diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B). I believe constant learning on these topics, and their intersection with the technology industry, is not optional and is key to being both a good manager and team member, but also to being a conscientous participant in the industry.